Monday, January 31, 2011

Handphone application/uses - be as imaginative as you can!


  1. Hand-phone use as 1.something to electrocute someone 2.a SWITCH in a circuit 4.dictionary 5. an excuse to scold someone through sms your parents to complain if teacher don't let you go toilet use your radio- active hand-phone to corrupt other people connections

  2. Hypnotizing feature, teleporting feature

  3. The handphone can be used to/as
    1: A shaver
    2: To detect things you want in your house
    3: Utensils
    4: Toothbrush
    5: Gun
    6: To find the nearest toilet or restaurant
    7: A shoe
    8: A glove
    9: Walking stick
    10: Spectacle
    11: Track down a person or enemy
    12: An alarm when a robber enters your house.
    13: A bowl
    14: A pair of handcuffs
    15: A pair of binoculars
    16: To predict the future
    17: Bring you back to the past
    18: Fly you to another country or a place you want to go.

  4. 1)3D Camera
    2)Pocket Knife as easy storage for emergencies.
    3)Support any file software.
    4)Sense who you want to call without pressing any buttons.
    5)Send SMS in less than a second.
    6)Control your computer on the go.

  5. Handphone application/uses
    1.light saber
    4.nuclear bomb
    5.laser gun
    7.virtual reality
    8.time machine
    9.infinite storage device
    10.remote control for vehicles
    11.super magnet
    13. ex o-skeleton
    14. boomerang

  6. 1. Secuirity
    2. Watch tv
    3. Become a pencil
    4. Become a gun
    5. Pop out screen
    6. Foldable phone
    7. Become a pen

  7. 1)teleportation
    2)Transform to a weapon
    3)Become a spy machine
    4)Become a computer
    5)A fan
    6)A pet
    7)Fake money
    8)A wallet
    9)A fork or spoon or even a bowl
    11)A miniature humans (fake)
    12)A hat
    13)A bomb
    14)As a mini car

  8. 1.transforming phones
    2.UPS universe positioning system
    5.radioactive treament
    6,emergency medicine
    7. hacking
    8. email
    9. free proxy
    11. voice command
    12. command promt
    13. wireless order of lets say pizza
    15. electric jamming -EMT
    17. shock free
    18. does not use electricity

  9. 1: call people
    2: Swiss army knife holder
    3: phone games can hypnotize people
    4: teleporter ( good for angry bosses!) LOL >.<
    5: sensory radar
    6: magnetic phone
    7: visualizer
    8: thermal hand warmer in phone

  10. remote controller
    2.Stress ball
    3.Spying device
    4.changing into a fan
    6.Climbing tools
    7.Fishing rod
    9.Transporting someone

  11. 1. A button to sleep the phone to save battery power.
    2. An application auto answer questions.

  12. 1. to use the camera thing as a mirror
    2. to have a 3d hologram display
    3. to have a swiss army knife
    4. to print out small pieces of documents
    5. to have a small dagger for protection
    6. to have a map thing that can track where certain people go

  13. Velmurugan Pravin1/31/2011 10:39:00 AM

    1. transforming into guns,forks,shaving razors etc.
    2.x-ray viewer can view bones
    3. hologram projector
    4.glow in dark
    5. heart rate monitor
    6. A interactive doctor to take care of health
    7. retina and fingerprint scanner
    8. can track the number of times you made friends with
    9. enemy detector

  14. 1. Becoming a weapon for self defense
    That's all I have!

  15. 1. Eating
    2. Homework
    3. Kill People
    4. Transport you to places in a flash?
    5. Eco-friendly phone
    6. Knowing how you feel (if you are sad it can cheer you up by sending you jokes)
    7. Translating languages when you are talking to people, immediately
    8. Hypnotizing?

  16. 1. An application that will help you conserve battery time when not in use.
    2. An application that is able to see the skeleton of a person (x-ray).
    3. Able to print things out instantly from the phone itself.(built in printer)
    4. A device that will be allow you to see the person in 3D when you call him/her (hologram)
    5. External battery to have longer battery life.

  17. 1. An application to find out more about a place.
    2. An application which shows a person where to get to a place any where in the world.

  18. 1: iSmite killer app!
    2: Able to transform into a transformer
    3: Able to do homework :D
    4: Able to turn into a batarang!
    5: Can turn into a droid
    6; Becomes a second Ragul (Ragul is LOVABLE!!!!!)
    7: Able to talk to 'your mother'
    8: Hacks computers
    9: Able to create evil robots from the future
    10: Able to download file within a nanosecond!!!!
    11: Able to make the PAScar go faster
    12: Able to teleport the user using it
    13: Able to make people shut up!
    14: Able to help you defeat a giant named Grawp
    15: Able to cook your food
    16: Able to bring you to school
    17: Able to help you do a Patronus Charm
    18: Able to help you make Hermoine shut up and Ron less whiny

  19. cameron springham1/31/2011 10:39:00 AM

    use as light saber
    use as a laser gun
    pee storage compartment[in case cant find toilet]
    hand phone food creator
    fold out ac book
    create ideas for new inventions
    bring to a gaming world like tron legacy
    vomit bag
    armpit shaver
    mini ATM machine
    razor blades
    electronic zapper

  20. 1.hologram
    2.Grappling hok
    4stun gun
    5.expand to become a shield(lol) efficiency battery

  21. 1. do homework
    2. kill people mwahahaha
    3. teleport people anywhere they want (so i wont be late again ><)
    4. comes equipped with whatever things you may need

  22. 1.Switch Blade
    3.Back scratcher
    5.3D Gaming
    6.Travel Toothbrush