Monday, January 31, 2011

'How might you use the functions of the kitchen cutlery to create new/improve the handphone functions and applets?'


  1. 1.Installing a tiny knife at the top of the phone that will flick open when a button is pressed 2.the metal chopsticks can be the antenna of the phone 3.fork as thumb-drive

  2. You can have a fork on the go so when you are walking by a food stall and you are hungry and dont want to get your hands dirty, you can use the fork in the phone.

  3. 1. phone becoming a fork
    2. different sizes of forks
    3. Different materials of forks
    4. different colours of forks
    5. different part of phone where fork comes out

  4. 1. We can make use of the handphone to hold on to the spoons or forks.
    2. A function that would advise you which cutlery to use when eating.

  5. 1. Use it to eat (duh!)
    2. Stab other people
    3. Self defense
    4. No need to buy kitchen utensils anymore since your handphone will have them in them
    5. Poke other people ( to irritate them)

  6. 1. Attach some of the utensils to the phone, and you can use them to eat/kill
    2. When you move the utensils they generate electricity

  7. The handphones have knives and forks installed inside and an auto- washing machine. There is an app that you can download and a long stick extends so that you can reach out for things. There is also going to be a self- exploding app so that when you pass the phone to the person you hate, it will explode.

  8. The handphones can be installed with a fork to scratch a person's back
    A knife can be attached as a defense for the user of the phone and as a shaver.
    The handphone can have an app on a spoon game
    The handphone can transform into a refrigerator

  9. 1.Can be able to cook food in your handphone
    2.Has a secret compartment in the handphone to store cutlery
    3.Does not need oil to cook by simply connecting it to the stove and cooking the food in the phone

  10. press a button and all the cutlery will fly out. You can buy more cutlery from the apps store.

  11. 1. assassination-destruction thingy
    2.phonife- phone/knife
    3.handphone dart
    4. handphone as bait wiggly thingy for fishing
    5. edible handphone?!

  12. 1. Non Disposable Cutleries-phone
    2. Made ready reusable toothpicks for food sampling

  13. 1. When we press a specific button on the phone, a spoon and a fork comes out.
    2.To use the wireless internet the spoon comes out of the phone and connects to the internet.

  14. 1)You can cook real food just using your phone
    2)Use a fork and spoon.
    3)Feed someone.
    4)Use it to have a own kitchen
    5)Play a DIY restaurant and you are the manager and you cook stuff serve someone.
    6)Design your own amazing utensils and you could present your ideas to a creater and possibly your idea might be a hit!
    7)Using your imagination design your very own food.Without even cooking!

  15. Velmurugan Pravin1/31/2011 10:52:00 AM

    We can use the fork as it can do so many things like pick up food,scratch backs so why not we implement these into a phone?

  16. 1: I can place the fork into the screen so it'll be a masterpiece of art (NOT)
    2: I can place the fork at the casing so when there evil approaching i can JAB!!!!!!!!!!!! them.
    3: I can place the fork with hacking tools
    4: I can place the fork in the phone so when i need to eat food i SWOOOP!!!!! Fork comes out of phone
    5: 吸吸这里, 察察那里, 简单极了!!!!
    6: I can place the fork into the phone so when i need to pick my guitar i use the fork

  17. we could attach the kitchen cutlery onto the phone for different uses. :D

  18. the hand phone can have a fork, spoon , knife, bowl, plate, cup as an app in the phone.

  19. cameron springham1/31/2011 10:53:00 AM

    we can use the hand phone to become a fork when we have t eat

  20. 1. contain cutleries inside the new handphone such as knife, chopsticks, fork, spoon so that when you want to eat something, you would not have to dirty your hands. When the cutleries are dirtied, they would be cleaned as soon as they are put back into the phone.

  21. press a specific buttons and cutleries will pop out

  22. 'How might you use the functions of the kitchen cutlery to create new/improve the handphone functions and applets?'
    5.virtual reality cutlery
    6. vegetable cutter army knife with kitchen tools
    11. picnic basket