Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 causes of the trolley problem


  1. 1. Some people likes taking the trolleys (hoarders)

    2. People don’t want to give back the trolley

    3. People thinks that keeping the trolley would gain a lot more than a 0 loss and 0 profit in getting the 1 dollar by selling the trolleys.

    4. People dump the trolleys onto one side after unloading groceries into car.

    5. People want to play a prank.

  2. 1. People don’t return them
    2. People damage them beyond repair
    3. People dirty them
    4. People leave things in them
    5. People just pull out the “key” from the trolley without the coin

  3. 1. Not properly maintained wheels
    2. People not returning the trolleys after use
    3. People cannot get a trolley if they forgotten ---to bring a 1 dollar coin and thus decrease the ---number of things they buy
    4. There is no brakes to stop the trolley, even for emergency
    5. Some of the trolleys' back wheels cannot turn but only go back and fort

  4. 6. all of them put them everywhere( besides the cupboard and others ) cause they cannot go through the tiny space between the shelves

  5. 1)people not returning the trollies
    2)the trollies are too heavy
    3)not enough trollies for those who need them
    4)spoil the trollies by whacking the place where the $1 coin is held just to get the $1 coin back.
    5)Placing the trolley anywhere just because they are too lazy to walk back and return them

  6. CAUSES:
    1. ppl are lazy.
    2. ppl are not responsible.
    3. ppl are in a rush.
    4. ppl think the $1 in the trolly is not worth the effort of returning the trolly.
    5. ppl are greedy.

    1. NTUC is losing trollies.
    2. NTUC is losing money.
    3. NTUC is losing customers as customers may not have enough trollies so they are not happy and then they don't come back to NTUC.
    4. NTUC needs to get ppl to find the trollies back.
    5. NTUC have not enough trollies.

  7. 1. $1 is too cheap for the person to take the effort to bring the trolley back.

    2. People have too many things to bring back home.

    3. People bring children along with them to the supermarket.

    4. Trolley is too bulky for some people to push around.

    5. People find that $1 is a cheap price to pay for a trolley.

  8. 1)People not returning the trollies after they have used them

    2)People don't take the effort to return what they took and they don't value the $1 coin that they have put inside.

    3)People may push the trolleys into things and damage them

    4)The trolley is designed in such way that it causes spinal injury
    see link :

    5)The wheel of the trolley require lots of effort to push around the supermarket.

  9. 1.The wheels are not smooth
    2.People dirty the trolleys
    3.People are lazy to return the trolleys after use.
    4.People spoil the trolleys
    5.People leave their unwanted stuff in the trolleys.

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  11. 1. Trollies are not maintained
    2.Trollies are too big and bulky
    3. People leave trollies behind somewhere else
    4. Trollies are taken away by others
    5. Some trollies are broken,rusty,filled with rubbish people won't use them.

  12. 1. People who buy many things find it useful to use and bring the whole trolley home, then dump the trolleys
    2.Selfish people who steal the trolleys and think that the 1 dollar used to unlock the trolleys is not much
    3.People who want to transport their goods to e.g. the car park, then leave them in the car park to be stolen,instead of returning them to the shop
    4.People who wants to use parts of the trolley for their own use, so they steal them
    5.People who just leave their trolleys everywhere until the trolleys are lost

  13. 1. People are too lazy to return the trolleys after they pushed it with them.
    2. People don't care about others.
    3. People needs the trolleys to push their items.
    4. People think that the $1 coin is not a big value and rather lose $1 than push back their trolleys.
    5. People think that it is not a very big deal as to them, it is only losing one trolley.

  14. 1.Elderly have difficulty pushing the trolley.
    2.Trolley is too spoilt to be used.
    3.Trolleys are being stolen by people.
    4.People are too lazy and they just leave the trolley at the car-park.
    5.Shoppers just take the trolley, and think that $1 is nothing to them.

  15. On my point 3, the people not having enough trollies is either because some go missing, or broken by people who wants to use the trolley to cart their groceries home and wants their $1 back from the trolley.

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  17. 1)People dump the trolley after using it as they find the $1 not worth their effort of pushing the trolley back.
    2) The trollies are too bulky
    3)Dangerous for young children when they tag along with their parents.
    4)People do not return the trollies as they find that the trollies are worth much more than $1 and decide to sell it instead of returning them.
    5)The trollies are too heavy.

  18. 1)Children playing with the trolleys.
    2)The trolley is hard to be push.
    4)Too much things to handle.
    5)Bars that prevents things to fall of the trolley.(I really do not know what to say but maybe is the gap between the 2 bars)

  19. 1. People like to ride on them by the side.
    2. People spill food on them
    3. People bringing the trolleys home
    4. Only the front two wheels of the trolley can turn 360º while the back wheels can only go in one direction.
    5. People abandoning the trolleys.

  20. 1) People do not leave the trollies at the right place. Instead they leave it in the car park.

    2)They will damage the trolleys.

    3) People sometimes will leave stuff behind.

    4) The trolleys are huge, therefore harder to control and cannot go through some passage ways.

    5)People try to keep the trolleys.

  21. 1.Too lazy to walk back to the place where they got the trolly
    2.Trolly might be beyond repair
    3.People take the trolly on purpose
    4.Too hard to push back
    5.They decided to steal it.

  22. 1. People do not bother to return the trolleys.
    2. Leaving their trolleys everywhere as they are too lazy to walk back and return them.
    3.Wheels of the trolley are spoilt or hard to maneuver.
    4. People may think that the trolley's value is more than $1, and thus don't return them (and ignore the $1 coin inside)
    5. Trolleys are too heavy

  23. 1. Some people place the trolleys in cars parks when they want to transfer food into their car when it is too heavy.
    2. People do not take care of the trolleys.
    3. People who do not drive cars have to push the trolleys back home because the food is very heavy.
    4.Trolleys are dirty because some irresponsible people leave rubbish in trolleys.
    5.Trolleys are too big and bulky for people to push around.

  24. 1.Lazy/not worth to return for just $1
    2.Shoppers take it back home
    3.Trolley not able to move well/spoilt trolleys
    4.Trolley not maintained
    5.Trolley too small - not enough space to fit all groceries

  25. 1.People are being inconsiderate and leave their trolleys at the taxi stand after loading their groceries into the taxi

    2. People tend to take trolleys home and not return them back overtime they will feel guilty and will not return them in fear of trouble

    3. Young children when shopping are not able to push the trolley

    4. Not many trolleys can be seen around. Difficult to find them

    5. Trolley's capacity is too small meaning if we were to put in rice bags into the trolley, there won't be space to put in other items

  26. Regarding:

    4)The trolley is designed in such way that it causes spinal injury
    see link :

    This shows that the user has to exert effort to move the trolley