Wednesday, May 4, 2011

5 effects of the trolley problem


  1. !.The trolley is to heavy.
    2.The trolley cannot turn easily.
    3The trolley is too big.

    Main problem is the way the trolley was made is not good.

  2. 1. Failure to use the trolley that is taken away - WASTED.

    2. Lesser trolleys - Lesser people can use the trolleys.

    3. There would be a loss in money.

    4. People are going to spoil the trolleys as it would be a nuisance to everyone including the company.

    5. Still, a loss of money and a big nuisance to public.

  3. 1. [People don’t return them] the supermarket has to spend more on the trolleys
    2. [People damage them beyond repair] same as 1.
    3. [People dirty them] Supermarket staff and cleaners have to take the extra effort to clean because no one wants to take the dirty trolley causing a trolley shortage later on.
    4. [People leave things in them] when the people go back to the trolley to get their stuff and don’t find it, it causes a dispute.
    5. [People just pull out the “key” from the trolley without the coin] it spoils the trolley so coins will no longer fit.

    1. NTUC is losing trollies.
    2. NTUC is losing money.
    3. NTUC is losing customers as customers may not have enough trollies so they are not happy and then they don't come back to NTUC.
    4. NTUC needs to get ppl to find the trollies back.
    5. NTUC have not enough trollies.

  5. 1)Might crash into people or things
    2)Old people need to use more strength to push it
    3)Trolleys been seen outside the shopping mall.
    4)Not noticing that they left something on the trolley
    5)Elderly had a hard time to load the groceries.

  6. 1.NTUC will make losses
    2.NTUC may not be able to continue business because of heavy loss of trolleys, as trolleys are expensive
    3.NTUC may ban use of trolleys, and many people will be disadvantaged
    4.People who buy many things will be disadvantaged as there will not be trolleys to help them store their things
    5.NTUC may keep on having losses until they are forced to shut down and many people will be more disadvantaged, especially those who regularly go to NTUC to buy things

  7. 1. Trolleys are left in the car park somewhere until somebody decides to bring it back or an employee goes to look for the trolleys and brings them back..

    2. People will bring the trolleys back home with them and do not return them since they have too many things to bring home.

    3. Children who go with their parents will play on the trolleys and may break it.

    4. People may leave the trolleys somewhere when it gets too inconvenient for them to push around.

    5. People find that $1 is very cheap to bring a trolley home and not return it.

  8. 1.Lose money
    2.Not enough trolleys for people
    3.Trolleys dumped at the carpark or some public area obstruct traffic, vehicle and human
    4.More manpower is needed to retrieve some trolleys
    5.Potential less budget overall (Profit vs Loss)

  9. 1. Cannot twist or move the trolley so it minimize the place the shoppers will go to

    2. It cause the company to lose thousands of dollars just because people don't return

    3. Most people usually will not carry lose change with them and without a one dollar coin, they cannot get a trolley and will choose to buy lesser things

    4. No brakes can sometimes cause the trolley to move on its own with the slightest push can bang into something or someone

    5. Some of the back wheels of the trolleys can only move back and fort so it also confine the places where the shoppers will go

    6. Shoppers will then ten to put the trolley at the end of the 'corridors of cupboard' and if everyone starts to do that it will become a inconvenience to many people

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  11. 1)a lot of money is wasted to buy new ones
    2)not able to brake in time and may crash
    3)the people either complain or buy lesser things
    4)misusing the trollies and causing them to spoil
    5) having to send a person to search or the missing trollies

  12. 1. The old people need more effort and strength to push the trolleys
    2. When people do not return the trolleys, there will be less trolleys for other people to use them.
    3. The shopping company loses money because they need to buy new trolleys.
    4. People who dirty the trolleys need to be either repaired or maintained again.
    5. They lose customers

  13. 1) Loss of money for the companies

    2)Not enough trollies for people.

    3)Very dangerous for young children

    4)Hard to push the trolley through a narrow place

    5)The trollies are too cheap.

  14. 1.Companies who uses trolleys like NTUC loses money due to people taking trollies home.
    2.NTUC would lose trolleys and their business may drop.
    3.Half-spoilt trolleys may crash into shelves/people and damage things.
    4.Trolleys are too dangerous for children to play.
    5.Cause unnecessary work for NTUC workers to go to the car-park and take back the trolleys

  15. 1. Trollies are lost
    2. Money is lost when trollies are not returned
    3. People bring own trollies and baskets
    4. The workers have to go off to clean the trollies and thus, lesser trollies may be available at a certain point of time.
    5. Children and elderly may get hurt if trollies are made of same material and have same design (Currently most trollies are metal and have sharp points).

  16. 1) It may injure others.

    2) It is difficult for the people who use it to maneuver it.
    When it is filled up with groceries, it gets harder to maneuver it.
    So we have to put oil to make it easier to maneuver it.
    If we don’t do this then the trolleys will start going side ways.

    3)it is huge, hence it is difficult to go through some of the passage ways, especially when there is two trolleys coming towards each other in the opposite directions through one passage way. But at the same time people also go through the pathway.

    4) Mothers with infants need to also carry the baby so they bring the pram. But they also need to push the trolleys to buy groceries. Then they can't possibly push the trolley and the pram.

    5) Not enough trolleys for the people to use.

  17. 1. accidents may happen if the trolleys go out of the taxi stand and onto the road

    2. Not enough trolleys for everyone

    3. Someone has to help the child push the trolley

    4. We will end up using our own bags or more trolleys.

    5. We end up buying lesser items

  18. 1. Not enough trolleys for use at the supermarket.
    2. When trolleys are thrown everywhere they are a nuisance to everyone
    3. More money would be spent to buy more trolleys
    4. The trolleys may crash into other objects/people
    5. They may cause injuries to toddlers/children if they play with it

  19. 1. A loss in profits.
    2. Trolleys being left everywhere.
    3. NTUC losing trolleys everyday, and have to make new ones, wasting money and materials.
    4. Loss of trolleys.
    5. People just use it for their own daily lives.

  20. 1.Workers who have to collect the trolleys would have a hard time finding for them all over the car park.
    2.Supermarkets have to service trolleys that would cost a lot of money.
    3.Supermarkets have to buy new trolleys to replace lost ones.
    4.Workers have to maintain the trolleys up which could take up a lot of time.
    5.People do not want to use the damaged trolleys.

  21. 1.NTUC spend money to buy new trolly
    2.NTUC lose money to hire people to find the trolly
    3.Not enough trolly for people
    4.NTUC loses costumers because the do not have enough trolly
    5. Maintenance will be needed

  22. 1. Companies have to spend unnecessary money just to replace the lost trolleys
    2. It's a challenge to reverse the trolley when come to a dead end.
    3. Customers would not like to use dirtied trolleys.
    4. Old people need more effort to push the trolleys
    5. Trolleys will cause inconvenience to people who are travelling outside the shop as maybe trolleys may be left by the street or maybe on the road.

  23. 1. [People don’t return them] the supermarket has to spend more on the trolleys
    2.Almost spoilt trolleys may crash into shelves/people and damage things.
    3. The workers have to go off to clean the trollies and thus, lesser trollies may be available at a certain point of time.
    4. Children and elderly may get hurt if trollies are made of same material and have same design (Currently most trollies are metal and have sharp points).
    5.Loss of money for the companies